Who We Are

Burd Health is a unique organization. Working with your current healthcare partners, we implement proprietary solutions that are pragmatic and will be embraced by plan members. We deliver results and value that are without peer.

  • Highly Experienced Team with an Unmatched Track Record – Burd Health’s senior team is the same team that reduced healthcare costs at Safeway 2% annually over eight years, while the rest of the US market grew costs at 7% per year over the same period. Simultaneously we improved employee health and fitness. No one else has done what we have accomplished in healthcare.
  • Unique Product Offerings – Our solutions are innovative and rarely seen in the marketplace. Today we offer 10 unique solutions and our inventory continues to grow.
  • Unique Revenue Model – We get paid a share of the savings that you achieve, based on metrics that you endorse. And, we get paid only when you win. Our interests are 100% aligned.

The Safeway Connection

Steve Burd served as Safeway’s CEO for 20 years. Facing mounting healthcare costs in a people intensive low-margin industry, Steve accomplished what no other corporate executive had been able to do. He focused his company’s health spending on prevention rather than care and built a culture of health and fitness. Safeway’s results were extraordinary.

  • The company lowered healthcare spend 15% (from $1 billion to $850 million) over an 8-year period when industry norms were an increase of 70%
  • They simultaneously lowered employee costs
  • They achieved a dramatic improvement in workforce health

These changes were implemented in a manner that was strongly embraced by the workforce.

Burd Health Biometrics Results – Unmatched

The company also lowered workforce “biological age” by 4 years, while actual age increased by 3.6 years.

Regularly ranked among the most innovative and creative corporate leaders, and among the most influential voices in healthcare, Steve has advised the White House, Members of Congress and he addressed the entire U.S. Senate on ways to foster innovation in healthcare.

Watch the Videos

In 2010, Steve Burd was #6 on Fast Company Magazine’s “100 Most Creative People” list. Click here for link